September 2014 Fur Friends of the Month – The Canadian Cats

Kali and Shoko have you heard of these gorgeous moggies?

Well we want to find out more about them ourselves, so lets say hello purr

Meow to Kali

Meow to Shoko

1/ How did you come to your forever home?

Kali you go first as you’ve been here the longest. Thanks Shoko, that’s nice of you. Well, I remember this lady walking in to the house I shared with my biological mom and dad. I was indisposed at the moment as I had fallen off the counter into the washing machine. This lady just pulled me out of the washing machine and looked me all over saying soft words. She had answered an ad in the paper for a Siamese kitty. She had never seen a kitty like me….a Flame Point Siamese. Mom said yes, she would love to adopt me. The woman in the house said, “I should tell you she is rather spoiled.” On that cue mom and I left and my life with mom began.

OK, Shoko take it away. Thanks Kali. I first saw my future mom standing outside my cage at the SPCA. I was in the cage with my biological mom and brother. Mom asked the SPCA lady if she could hold me and as she held me I hissed at her. I never learned to hiss well so it comes out “hawww.” I had to let her know who was boss of me! She put me back and walked away. Meanwhile my biological mom had to be put down as she turned on us kits. She was feral and the cage had turned her into a mad kitty. Meanwhile, future mom came back and held me again with the same response from me. She liked a spirited kitty so brought me home to live with Kali and dad.

2/ Why these names?

Shoko: I wanna go first this time Kali. Kali: Fine Shoko, tell everyone how you got your name. It is kinda a short story but because of my biological mom flipping out on us kits… was given me at a very young age. Mom guessed about 3 or 4 weeks. I was ever so small and undernourished. Mom would call me, “little one”. Dad started calling me,”little one.” This went on for about 2 weeks. Mom decided they better give me a name or I would be answering to, “little one.” Dad went to the computer and found out that, “Shoko” meant “little one or “little daughter” in Japanese so that’s how I got my name.

Kali over to you my sis. Pretty much what Shoko said is true for me too. Except that I was always happy and purring so they settled on the Hawaiian word for happy which is, kali.

3/ How old are you?

It’s my turn to go first Shoko, besides I’m the oldest. Alright Kali…if you JUST have to go first. Yes, I do….now quit fussing with MY catnip cigar. I am 12 years old and I look 2! Shoko: You act it at times too, big sis..ha! Ok, my turn…I just turned 6 and I look it too. I’m not vain like my sis…

4/ What are your favourite treats?

I will take this one Kali so sit back and wash your face…you look dusty. My favourite treats are PureBites freeze dried chicky or turkey…mom is trying the turkey to see if Kali can tolerate them. Kali’s treats are Medi Treats by Royal Canin. You’re probably wondering what they taste like…well they are pretty darned delish for something that has Medi in the title. Oh, you were wondering why Kali has to have the Medi ones. I better let Kali explain later in our interview or she’ll shred my nose.

5/ Do each one of you do something unique that the others do not do?

I’m first this time Shoko so relax and listen to your elders. Shoko: Yeah right…you old… I am unique in the aspect of having chronic health problems….like I’m allergic to commercial cat food so mom gets me Hypo Allergenic HP Soy dry catfood. Both Shoko and I eat this. It is good….really! Shoko would kick up a stink if it wasn’t. I also have Feline Odontoclastic Resporptive Lesions in my mouth. Cats can develop erosions of their teeth called ‘neck lesions’ or ‘feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions’ which are very common and can be very painful. They are caused by the body’s own immune system attacking the enamel of the teeth and causing holes to develop in it. These lesions can be very obvious when they cause broken teeth. Now, because of this problem I have lost all my teeth but 4. Ok onward with fun stuff that is unique to me. I… has a walker…I get to sit on the walker and ride around the house when mom is up and moving. Shoko has tried to get on the walker but no go…oh no my little chum. She is not allowed to set one paw on it. I hissss at her…no mamby pamby “hawww” either. A very loud and frightening “HISSSS!” I am also the loving kitty and I stick pretty close to mom all the time. I hate bugs and crawly things outside….I run inside if a bug comes near me. Now over to Shoko. I haven’t had a sick day in my life except when I was too anxious to make a friend and a big ole mean Siamese male cat bit my tail….I had to wear a drain…for heaven’s sake! Wait, I’m getting way off course. I have a favourite blankie on the bed for nighttime sleeping. If mom doesn’t put it right back beside the pillows, I will drag it up to the pillows. I don’t like anything new…..that means NOTHING mom, no fountains, clickers for training…you should be getting the idea. I also am a Cat Scout and Bobcat is my rank. I have many friends at Cat Scouts and we have a ball with quests and carnivals etc. I have a veggie garden in the summer and mind it until the veggies are packed away for the winter. Mom just waters and plants the seeds. I fertilize and care for the plants. create path walkways. A lot of work but worth it.

6/ Who is your super hero?

Well mine is Catwoman before she met Batman. You know the Halle Berry one. No, Kali you can have a different super hero. I like this Catwoman best because she is free and can do whatever she wants and she is so graceful. Well, thanks a lot Shoko…she is my favourite too. The only other super hero I adore is Sandy Claws. Of course he’s a super hero Shoks. Each year he races around the world giving good pups and kitties toys and also many other anipals gifts but only if they’ve been good. You couldn’t do this, it takes a super hero.

7/ What made you start blogging?

Actually it was mom’s idea. She had been unwell for several months and was bored out of her tree so she started reading kitty blogs like “One Spoiled Cat”. She got a good laugh and decided she wanted to make others laugh as well. She asked me if I’d like to be the spokes kitty for the blog and I said,”Sure enough…there is nothing bashful about me.” That is how we got started. Then I had 2 jobs….Cat Scouts and the blog. Kali helps us occasionally. Whenever there is something she just must say herself.

9/ Being a multi cat home – what advise would you give to others considering getting one or more cats?

Kali steps up and says, “Don’t do it….be happy with one. You never know who you’ll get….it could be a little thug like Shoko was when she first came here. Her bio mom was bringing her up on the street!! Can you imagine the language coming out of that cute mouth? I was disgusted! It took one heck of a long time for her to be more sociable and I don’t know what I would have done without Cat Scouts. Scouts has given Shoko a purpose and reason to be kind. She would run at me and try to bit my butt…she was awful.
Kali didn’t like me much but I didn’t care….I had a mission the top cat. Sadly I missed that lofty goal. I wouldn’t advise getting another cat either. Of course, I hate change so I would say that. I’m with Kali on this one, if it was going to be like me…I don’t want it. I was a pest.

Thank you very much Michelle, Henry, Archie and Oscar for the privilege of being on your blog.

Our pleasure and to everyone who wants to know more about these gorgeous moggies from Canada click here PURRR


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  1. Those are some good lookin kitties!

  2. Just to update those that read yesterday’s post. Michelle did the half marathon in 2:21:56 🙂

  3. Fantastic interview guys 🙂 we have loved following Shoko and Kali and sharing recipes…when my stupid emails work hahaahah and as for you Shell..Bravo!! great effort sweetums Loves Bev xxxx

  4. Those two sound like lots of fun! We’re definitely going to check them out. Great interview, moggies!

    Love and licks,

  5. We love Shoko and Kali’s blog and have followed them for quite a while! Shoko is in my Wildcats Troop and is a Patrol Leader – a VERY responsible position (and I’m sure it helps her keep her sister Kali in line at home!). Great interview!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  6. I like Shoko and Kali. Aren’t the great! I totally agree with you Sandy Claws is a super hero, he can visit us through the chimney and he is strong enough to drink 87 glasses of milk with tons of cookies within ONE night!

  7. Great interview, I love to meet new kitties.

  8. What a great interview. We got to learn more about Shoko and Kali. We met Shoko at Cat Scouts but didn’t know all this about her.

  9. OMP! Awesome interview my sweet pals! XOXO – Bacon

  10. hannahandlucy

    What a great interview and we hope we’ve made new friends there.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Hiya my fellow Canadian kitties!!!!!
    SO furry nice to meet you!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  12. Meowllo Moggies and Shoko and Kali, dat wuz pawsum. Weez always luv readin’ ’bout ow furiends and learnin’ new stuffs.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  13. dooz…a grate september interviews !!! we be off ta canada ta say meowloz ta shoko & kali , N purrhaps due sum fishin bee fore we leeve de countree !!! happee monday ♥

  14. Thank you Michelle and guys. We enjoyed appearing on your blog.


  15. Wonderful interview! Thanks My Three Moggies!

  16. APAWZ APAWZ!!!! Shoko n Kali diz waz pawsum interveew…Me n Mum had NO idea of yer agez or how ya came to be bloggin here n now we nose so much about ya n feelz honoured to nose ya.
    Kali ya iz a beeuteefull Deeva gurl like me n ya haz 4 more teefiez den me doez 😉 Siriuslee dat illness ya haz soundz purrty inntense. Ya do not look yer age at all…yer purrfect!
    Shoko yer a **HOOT** Ya iz such a guud riter n so funny…
    Phankz fer sharin yer storey n Miss Michelle phankz fer feeturin deze kittehz….
    We Maple Leef kittehz must stay together 😉
    **paw kissez** all over da place, Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0
    Pee ess: Me Mum haz a walker too butt me not fussy on it xcept when she putz me in carrier n den putz carrier on da seat part n we go fer walkiez….dat iz fun 😉

  17. Now you have made us realise how bad we are for not blogging for so long lol :-). Priority this weekend to get you guys up to date with the mad house xxx

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