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RIP Archie – our perfect boy

As many of you will have seen on Facebook, we lost our Archie on Saturday.

He had been battling cancer and an infection for a while, and although he was still bossing the house around we decided it was the best time to let him go.

It has been very quiet around here since he left us, heading off for his final sleep cuddled up in Michelle’s arms, and Henry and Ben have been very quiet in the days since.

We are trying to remember Archie as the, shall we say, ‘plump’ cat who came to us 15 years ago and astounded everyone with his hunting skills – catching a pizza slice, an onion bhaji and a whole (filleted!) fish over the years!!

Despite Oscar and Henry being younger and far more active, Archie always remained Top Cat in this household, and in later years he took no rubbish from Ben who he would order around as well (although they did become ‘food monster’ friends – in fact one of our favourite last memories of Archie is him on one side of Michelle, and Ben on the other, with both of them pawing her in an attempt to get some well earned chicken!).

We just had a look back on the Bio section of this website, and actually that sums up Archie pretty well, so it’s worth reproducing here:

Our very own Top Cat, Archie had been through a hard time when he came to us: a big scratch down his nose, half an ear where he’d suffered from cancer and too long sat in the rescue centre while the kittens around him were snapped up.
He quickly settled in though and certainly took to his food – before a necessary diet plan kicked in. He has a penchant for onion bhajis and pizza, the loudest most soothing/annoying (depends who you ask!) purr ever and a sleep pattern that would make a Koala jealous.

RIP Archie.

Top Cat, top ‘hunter’, top purrer x


Our two moggies… still going

Hi all,

Wow! It’s been so long since we’ve written on this blog. Time has just been flying by and we’ve had so many other things going on.

The joy of blogging somewhat disappeared when we couldn’t upload any new pictures (guess we should stop being so tight and pay for the basic plan!!).

Anyway, enough of that… the important news.

Yes, it is 2021 and we still have Archie and Henry with us! Their big brother Ben is happy and well too.

Archie is 18 now and, sad to say, in recent times he has become very old. Fans of this blog will remember that he only had half of one of his ears. That was because he had cancer when he was very young – before we got him – and had to be operated on.

Well, I’m afraid the cancer has returned and he has an infection as well. It is probably a case of days rather than weeks for the old boy now, and we wanted all his friends to know.

Incredibly he continues to dominate this house and rule the roost in true Archie fashion.

Every night he shouts for his mum and for attention, and every morning he wolfs down whatever food he’s given and tells Ben off if he gets in the way.

We have a hard decision to make soon, but our boy is making it harder by carrying on as the Top Cat he’s always been.

We won’t post a picture of him now, because he looks so old, so here’s one of him in his sexy beast prime!

Henry is almost 14 now, which is unbelievable. He has taken over from our much missed Oscar as the noisy cat of the house and will literally scream until he gets what he want… and then in true cat fashion decide he never wanted it in the first place!

Anyway, we’ve rambled on long enough and I have no idea if anyone is still subscribed and gets this blog… so I might just be talking to myself lol

If you are reading this, hope you’re all well and we’ll try and do another update soon 🙂

Big paw pats and nose nudges, The Owners

On behalf of Archie & Henry x


Hello everyone

It has been a while since we lost our beloved Oscar Puss and wanted to check in on what is going on in the household.

Archie is a moggie who still sleeps more then awake and still my shadow.  When I work in the office he is always on the desk now sleeping where Oscar used to be in the afternoons.  Archie’s fur has to be regularly brushed as he cannot wash everywhere like before as his flexibility is not what it used to be.  The old boy still loves his food and is now friends with Big Ben.

Big Ben has been with us 4 years in January and will be 11 years old next month.  The time has flown by and I can honestly say that even though he had many challenges in the beginning, with love and time he really feels at home here and safe.  Just wish he was ok with other people and animals, but like the behaviourist said ‘You have one grumpy old boy’.

Henry is now 12 years old and can now in recent weeks be in the same room as Big Ben.  He still meows when not happy, happy, hungry, thirsty, wants attention … you name it.  Still the baby of the house though 🙂

A much quieter house, however Craig and I keep reminding ourselves that Oscar had the best home as he was so spoilt and very much loved.

This Thursday we are in for a big treat and super excited to welcome the first blogger to ever like our blog and become dear friends with since over the blogging world Linda from  We cannot wait to meet her and I know she is so looking forward to finally meeting Archie, who she has always had a soft spot for.  We will keep you updated on the visit.

In the meantime hope all is well and you are taking good care of each other.  Type soon

My Three Moggies gang




Our chatty handsome Oscar :-(

As some of you already know, our beloved Oscar passed away suddenly on Friday.



Our noisiest boy has had some issues with his lungs since his darling brother Henry gave him an early present as a kitten – cat flu!

He got through that scare – the vet said he wouldn’t survive – through the power of sardines and late nights for Mum and Dad.

From that moment onwards, the cat who supposedly had problems with his lungs made the most of every bit of them.

Half cat, half bagpipes. Our little boy was the chattiest cat in town.

In his early years he liked to wake us up by “singing” at the window… generally at around 5am.

When we moved house, the addition of a cat (dog!) flap earned us some respite at he would instead wonder in to cuddle up next to his brothers.

He was an excellent mouser. And ‘bird-er’. No creature was safe in the garden when Oscar puss was about.

He was our little soldier, who guarded the house and let no-one else approach without warning: greeting all with a large and loud meow or a fearsome pounce (sometimes both!), depending on whether they were friend or foe.

Oscar loved to patrol. It’s a busy world out there with fences to climb, mice to play with and territory to defend.

He did it all until the very end.

When we first rescued Oscar his given name was Engine Joe.

It didn’t suit him, but came about as he was found sleeping on an engine as a kitten.

We adopted him after he attracted our attention by constantly batting the tail of the cat in a neighbouring cage at the cattery; a somewhat battered looking, half-eared white (with a bit of black) cat who was soon to be named Archie.

Oscar was 12 weeks old approximately . His cage mate, Henry, was even younger – so small he barely filled our hands.

The three of them soon became best friends. Two terrible tiggers and an older, more sensible lion to look over them.

His brothers are so sad now. They miss their chatty play-mate.

Oscar’s talking was legendary. Clearly part Siamese, there were moments we thought he’d never shut up.

He drove Dad crazy. He had conversations with Mum that made War and Peace look short. And when chicken became involved that was a whole new world of MEOW!

Oscar loved his kisses. He loved to be the centre of attention.

He was our friend. Our protector. Our baby.

RIP Oscar.


Oscar at vets

Many of you who know from the early years that Oscar has trouble every now and then with his breathing as a result of cat flu as a kitten.

well the past 2 to 3 years all has been 100% good until recently when he has had three emergency visits to the vets.  The last visit was yesterday and Craig took him as I felt I was getting no where and was so worried my poor boy was damaging his lungs the longer it went on.  To my surprise Craig called me after and advised that Oscar had a steroid injection and that moving forward he will be on drugs to help prevent his issue going forward.

Today the 11 year old moggie is breathing normally and constantly wanting attention as I work.  Please note Oscar’s attention is constant meowing with bottom placed in my face LOL.

All good in moggie and Big Ben household for now phewwwww




All good

Hello everyone

It appears our WordPress is restricted to how much we do unless we upgrade and so hence the few words/ pictures at the present time.

we are all well.  We have had a few health scares with Ben, Archie and Oscar, but at the present time they are good and healthy with the help of right drugs.

I have just completed my 10th marathon in Amsterdam at the weekend so Archie and Ben are constantly battling my attention as I left them for 2 days lol

We hope you are all well and preparing for Halloween.




Sad day

This morning suddenly we had to say goodbye to our 12 year old cousin Toby 😦

Michelle’s mum was distraught on the phone as expected. What happened was he had breakfast then went outside and was poorly, next his back legs went thankfully he was being watched and was rushed to vets straight away. Cause was as he had a heart murmur a blood clot was going around his heart and slowly shutting his body down. There was no option and the whole family is distraught as we cannot believe our lion has gone and so quick.


We are grateful he is now with his ginger uncle Sammy (from One Spoiled blog)
and they are rolling around playing and getting to know each other.

Famous Sammy

Michelle, obviously in tears after, called the moggies as they are all outside and it was Oscar who ran to her and let her have a big hug. Oscar is very close by lately and very affectionate, which is not like him.


2018 so far

Yes we are all still around and always have something to tell 🙂 Read the rest of this entry

Can you find Henry


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