Update on the old boy

Apologies for the quietness the past few days, but Archie has not been in a good place 😦

Vets Saturday, yesterday and again today this afternoon the vet is getting to the point where he does not know what else to do as the ulcer is in the same state as it was three weeks ago. Today we are going to do more tear tests (Waste of time) and discuss specialist. Craig is very angry at how Archie is being treated, I was up 2:30am this morning crying so today the vet is going to have to escalate. We will keep you updated.






On Sunday I did a 5 mile Santa run guiding a blind lady called Louise. I would have to say this was one of my favourite races so far as Louise is an amazing lady who did a marathon with another guide Friday before. Truly an inspiration 🙂

Mail Attachment

After the race Louise came back to our house and met the moggies. Oscar was a superstar. He seemed to know Louise could not see him so he talked to her. I wished I video it, but it was one of those moments that being witness to it was breath taking as I was so proud of my boy for making our guest feel so welcome. Cats really are amazing creatures 🙂


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  1. Oh Archie! You’re in our thoughts!

    How cool about Oscar stepping up like that! Woo woo woo!!!

  2. What a wonderful race experience. And we’ll done, Oscar! Is therapy pet in your future?? We will continue to say prayers for Archie, and for his doctors to have the wisdom to know what he needs to get better. xoxox

    Love and extra licks,

  3. We’re sending Archie even more purrs and prayers. We hope they can figure out how to treat him so he’s feeling better soon.

    The Florida Furkids

  4. So very sorry poor Archie is still having issues with his eye…..time for the specialist for sure. We hate it when our babies aren’t well and of course worry they are in pain but your vet seems to NOT know how to handle things so perhaps a specialist will. My sister’s dog only got better with her eye ulcers after a specialist became involved. Everyone is different of course……but we hope and pray Archie is better soon AND you and Craig can relax and know he’s in the BEST hands possible. Meanwhile, bravo to you guiding the blind runner for the race – what a rewarding thing that must have been for you AND such a lovely time for her getting to know you AND meeting “the boys” !

    Love and Hugs, Pam

  5. Poor Archie! We’re purring megapurrs for him and hope his eye gets better. It does sound like a specialist is needed.

  6. Archie, we are tearing our fur out trying to figure some way to help. We decided to purr up a storm and you can ride the vibes. We truly are wishing the vet finds an answer to your ulcer in the eye.

    Michelle, Louise sounds like a fun person and we’re so glad that Oscar had a chat with her. I’ll bet she was delighted.


  7. Oh, poor darling Archie. Three weeks is a long time for no improvement 😦 Hope you get a specialist to see him soonest.

    What a great thing to do – guiding a blind person on a run! Cats do have incredible intuition and Oscar showed just how much they know.

  8. You are an amazing person doing the run and helping a blind woman at the same time. I pray Archie gets a treatment plan that works.

  9. that is so frustrating when you can’t get things sorted out….you have to do what is best for Archie. and love hearing about the run

  10. I am so sorry to hear about Archie’s eye. Do they have this kind of medicine where you live? It’s compounded at a pharmacy-Cidofovir. I live in the states so not sure what you can get there. My Garfield almost lost his eye until my vet found this stuff and within 2 weeks it was almost gone. It was like a miracle drug for us. I understand how your feeling as we had to deal with eye ulcers for a year of trying many different meds. Many sleepless nights and crying. I sure wish I could make it better for you and Archie. Big hugs.
    Sue B

  11. Poor Archie. I do hope and pray that he finds some relief for his ulcer. I can only imagine what you are going through – sending major hogs and snout kisses. And Congrats to you – WAY TO GO – for helping out Louise. That really touches my heart in so many ways that you can’t imagine. XOXO – Bacon

  12. I am praying that you get to a specialist that can give you the answer you need for sweet Archie. We are so very very sorry and I feel for you. Fantastic about the run and the sweet way Oskar responded to Louise. Hang in there.
    Marty’s Mom

  13. Archie I’m so sad that this ulcer is not better… I hope for good news from the vet and I cross my paws for you… Michelle, it was great what you did for Louise. Send you a big hug and one for Oscar-Superstar too :o)

  14. Mom says those eye ulcers can be so stubborn! I sure hope Archie is on the mend soon. Keeping paws crossed. Yes, we are amazing creatures and we even choose to show it some times. Kudos to Oscar.

  15. Archie, we are all praying that you will get some help soon. It’s not fun to have owies.

  16. I’m so sorry to hear this about poor dear Archie. We are multiplying our healing prayers for him and sending you lots of supportive thoughts.

  17. We are sire sending tons of purrs and prayers to you dear Archie. We sure hope someone can figure it out soon.

  18. Oh I am so so sorry Archie!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  19. I am so sorry I have not been around. ALL of the WP blogs that I had subscribed to via email had stopped coming,…for WEEKS I had no clue what to do. I dug into their forums and found something about settings. I am thinking when they automatically updated Dakota’s blog they clicked on the “stop emails from WordPress” setting because I never did! I fixed it and now you are back in my in box! I am praying that something can be done for sweet Archie, I am so sorry to read he is not doing well. Did you consider going to a different vet? I know it is hard, but sometimes it is necessary. Sending love and purrs.

  20. Poor little Archie! We’re so sorry to hear the sweet little boy is not feeling well. We hope and pray that his eye gets better soon! All the best! xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

  21. Oh man, here’s hoping you guys find some relief asap.

  22. Oh my poor friend Archie. We wish you all the best!

  23. dood….itz time fora second opinion buddy…be it a special list ore knot….we R troo lee soree ya iz goin thru thiz… N de food serivss gurl sends hugs ta mum……we noe thiz iz knot an eazee time…. N therz noe knead ta apologize for anything….askin R pal Frank ta rev up his blessings; we hope sum bodee can tell yur mum & dad sum thing… sew they noe de directshun ta take


  24. I am sorry to hear that Archie’s eye is no better. After 3 weeks with no improvement and the vet not knowing what to do next, I think it is time for a second opinion. I send good thoughts for him.

  25. Do you have vet eye specialist anywhere near you? So sorry he is not getting better. Great run though. You should be proud.

  26. We are feeling so so sorry for Archie. He LOOKS miserable in the photo, poor guy!

    Would it be easier to have his eye removed, or would that be too traumatic? It must be awful to watch him suffer. xx Trish

  27. Oh Archie, we are so sorry to hear this. It must be so frustrating and how terrible that he isn’t getting better. We are thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs and love.

  28. hannahandlucy

    We are so sorry that Archie’s eye is no better and hope your vet will try to find another vet who can offer him advice on how to go down a different route to getting it better.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  29. Oh, Archie. 😦 I hope you start feeling better soon. Good boy, Oscar!

  30. Poor Archie! We are purraying he will get the right treatment soon! Xxx Well done Michelle on the marathon achievement !!

  31. Poor Archie. Hopefully the specialist can bring some resolution to his eye ulcer and give you some stress relief.

  32. I’m so behind, so am hoping Archie is OK by now xx

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