December 2014 Fur Friends of the Month – Da Fluffarooniez

Friends .. yes 14 in the Da Fluffarooniez gang and we want to share them with you all 🙂

BarnabyMayleaBeauCallistoBodhiTiger LilyConstantineDahliLaineyKaiaAvalonMocchaGizmoMoonray

Let us introduce
white Kitty: Barnaby, tortie Kitty with green eyes: Maylea, black poodle: Beau, siamese looking with blue eyes looking up: Callisto, black Kitty: Bodhi, blue birman with eyes closed: Tiger Lily, Siamese with frumpled ear: Constantine, Scottish fold: Dahli, tiger with white: Lainey, Ginger Kitty: Kaia, chocolate birman: Avalon, cavalier king charles spaniel: Moccha, black&white persian: Gizmo and the siamese looking in front of blue door: Moonray

How did you get your names?
Barnaby: named afta momma’z favourite characta in Midsumer Murders
Maylea: Hawaiian for wildflower, momma wanted hawaiian namez fur her and herz brotha Kaia
Beau: short fur Beauregard
Callisto: In Greek Mythology a nymph beloved of Zeus; character in Xena, Warrior Princess
Bodhi: Patrick Swayze’z characta in Point Break
Tiger Lily: bootiful east-asian flowa
Constantine: movie with Keanu Reeves
Dahli: named afta spanish painta Salvator Dali
Lainey: old english fur ‘sun ray’
Kaia: Hawaiian fur ‘the sea’, Greek fur ‘the earth’
Avalon: island where King Arthur went to recover from his wounds; song by Roxy Music
Moccha: Coffee of high quality; for sumpawdie who’s rich brown coloured like coffee with cream
Gizmo: characta from Gremlins
Moonray: ‘ray of moonlight’, ‘moonbeam’

How did you come to your forever home?

Barnaby: momma gotst a call from herz baker lady, telling herz dere waz a white Kitty living on da streetz dere dat couldn’t hearz anything, and satz in da middle of busy trafficz. So momma gotst him off da streetz, and since May he be living with uz

Maylea & Kaia: Momma knew a lady dat had lotz of kittiez, butst she didn’t spay or neuta dem, so efurry time she hadz a litta of kittenz she couldn’t findz anypawdie fur, she calledz momma. Momma wentz to pick up Kaia, dat waz da Original plan, butst she fell in luv with Maylea az well, and refused to goez home withoutz her. So Kaia AND Maylea came home with momma.

Beau: Momma alwayz had poodlez in da familiez, so when Pim passed away, momma wanted anotha poodle puppy. She foundz him thru da intanetz, and went fur a long drivez to pickz him up. She wanted himz to haz a brotha he could playz with, ‘coz ourz Snoopy (beagle) waz getting on in yearz, so she wentz on da intanetz again, and foundz Moccha.

Callisto: Callisto be from da same lady az where Kaia and Maylea comez from. Moonray and Avalon be from dat lady too. Dey waz all da lastest onez of da litta. Mom or dad waz Sacred Birman, Avalon hadz both mom and dad Sacred Birman. He waz infested with fleaz tho, momma saw dem jumpz around! Poor wee fella!

Bodhi & Kaia: Momma already hadz a Scottish Fold, Simba, and she luvz deir purrsonalitiez, so she went to lookz at a litta from da lady where she gotst Simba from. Butst she fell in luv with Bodhi instead. He waz reservedz, so she lookedz at da otha kittiez, and found Dahli. A month or so lata, momma gotst a call from da lady, telling herz da reservationz on Bodhi waz off, and if momma wanted to adoptz him. So entrance Bodhi!

Tiger Lily & Skye: Tiger Lily be a blue birman and Skye waz a chocolate birman, momma fellz in luv with both of dem, so dey came home with herz. Skye passed away at 6 monthz old tho, he hadz a liva disease he waz born with, and it waz too late to doez anything. Momma triedz but he passed awayz…

Constantine: Siamese Kitty whom momma foundz, we thinkz on da intanet, we not sure anymore… So momma wentz to pick himz up, he waz quite wildz in da beginningz, and not used to peoplez… It tookz him a while to getst used to hoominz tho…

Lainey: momma tookz Neo (Kitty) to da vet one dayz, and came home with 2 kittiez! Da vet found a little kitten in hiz parentz’ backyard, and showedz it to momma. Momma fell in luv and broughtz Lainey home with her!

Gizmo: Momma and sum friendz went to a cat show, and saw Gizmo. He waz a wee little Persian kitten, and fur salez. He came home with momma, it wasn’t da plan to getst a new Kitty, but it turnedz out dat way. Momma neva went to a cat show again… MOL!

What is it like having many of you?

Ooooooooooooooo, we luvz being a big familiez!! Dere neva be a dull momentz really! U can alwayz findz sumpawdie to playz with, or takez a nap with… Doggiez come in purrty handiez too! Dey be so much fun to chase aroundz, when we don’t findz da lasa dot! MOL! Brekkiez be pawsum too! We getst different kindz of food, so when sumpawdie be finished and dere be leftovaz, it doesn’t stayz leftova fur long! MOL!

Describe your personalities:

Dahli: kindhearted, luvz hiz alone time, luvz to sit on momma’z lap
Bodhi: likez to steal thingz, black panfur attitudez
Barnaby: so furry sweetz, butst he can get a bitst weird at timez, no explanationz az to why, like he seez thingz dat aren’t dere
Maylea: soopa soopa sweetz, alwayz up to givez sumpawdie a wash, soft spokenz
Callisto: likez to be da centa of attentionz
Moonray: bestest furriend of Callisto, more da quiet onez of dem two
Tiger Lily: furry sweetz, shy, hidez when dere be strangerz around
Constantine: don’t likez strangerz, luvz momma, loudmouth
Lainey: where momma goez, Lainey goez, soft voice, luvz to headbutt Beau
Kaia: thinkz he be da big kahuna, luvz to headbutt efurrypawdiez, butst we don’t likez dat furry much
Avalon: wild childz, likez to chase efurrypawdie and efurrythingz
Gizmo: sleepy headz, only troublez himselvez to go to da kitchen fur mealz
Beau: bestest furriendz with Moccha, luvz to play, energeticz
Moccha: one wordz…. lazy…. butst soopa sweetz!

Favourite treats?

Moccha and Beau luvzluvzluvz deir doggie pizzaz!! Dey comez in bacon flava and chicken&cheez flava, and dey luvz it! We luvz our Temptationz, and Felix Party Mixez! *licks lips*

Who is there Super hero?

Supa hero must be momma. She would goez to da endz of da earth fur uz fluffaz. When we be sickliez, she’ll do research on da intanetz, or in Biloxi’z case (he had AIDS) she took homeopathy lessonz fur petz to helpz him out, ‘coz da regular medicinz couldn’t helpz him. In Dahli’z case (IBD) she looked all kindz of stuff up on da intanetz az well. She be no quita, when sum vetz say it be a lost case, momma goez da extra milez. Becoz of dat, ourz Neo livedz fur 9 more yearz, 9 furry good yearz!

Sorry getting the tissues out to paw pat my eyes (Archie)

If you celebrate christmas will you have a tree and what presents will Santa puss leave behind hopefully?

Yezz, we will haz a Chrissymaz tree!! *claps paws* We luvz Chrissymaz!! We only hopez, since it be Barnaby’z firstest Chrissymaz with uz, he don’t tearz down da tree, ‘coz he can haz furry bad casez of da zoomiez… *worried ears* We hopez da tree stayz up…

Anything you can share that you have not done before about your fur balls?

Efurrypawdie thoughtz Callisto waz a boy, untill she went to da vetz with Avalon and Moonray to getst… ahumz… helpedz… Momma gotst a call from da vet doodz, sayin’ Callisto turnedz out to be a girl! MOL! Quel surprise!

Well thank you Da Fluffarooniez we are so glad we found you on Facebook and you cheer us up daily with your beautiful pictures and poetry purr

If you want to pop over and say hi to the gang then please do here or twitter


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  1. What a huge and gorgeous group!

  2. UPDATE ON ARCHIE – In the vets being operated on this morning as eye turned worse :-(. Will keep you posted.

  3. WOW! Now that’s quite a house full of fun!! Everyone looks gorgeous and happy and I love how they’ve all come together to form a happy furrramily.

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. Well that is the PERFECT name for this fluffy group! I hope your mom has a Swiffer Duster. There will be a lot of fluffiness on the floors from so many furbrothers and fursisters. Good luck keeping Barnaby out of the Christmas tree. I hope Santa brings lots of goodies!

    Love and licks,

  5. What a good looking family! We’ll go over and say hello.

  6. Wow!! Very nice to meet all of you!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. they are really Fluffarooniez and they all are super cute! And I like that their mom likes DCI Barnaby, that’s a ” must see” in TV, even when my dad makes choking noises when we watch it :o)

  8. Da Fluffarooniez gang definitely knows its stuff, haha! So many gorgeous members 🙂

  9. They’re all so adorable. Nice to meet them.
    Sue B

  10. we due knot haza facebook a count ore we wood swing by & say… wanna be palz !! grate interviews guys…..we enjoyed reedin bout everee one …heerz two a ton oh trout thurzday ta all ♥♥♥♥♥

  11. Pawsome, totally pawsome! I luvluvluv their poems and songs they leave on my FB Page. what a great gang!!

  12. What marvelous kitties and most are from different backgrounds. Thanks for introducing them to us.


  13. What a marvelous furramily! Thanks so much for sharing them!

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