Welcome to Animal Hospital

It has been a right month or so for The Three Moggies health wise.
Or should I say two moggies. Henry, touch every wooden object ever made, has been ok so far.
But since just before Christmas, Oscar and Archie have suffered the following ailments…


Ulcer in his eye
Haemorrhage in the same eye, causing Anisocoria (one pupil being bigger than the other)
Complete or partial blindness in same eye as a result of haemorrhage
Hypertension as a result of all the above


(Very) serious cut across his face as a result of a fight, presumably with another cat
Bronchitis as a result of his annual booster
Bites on his legs and back as a result of another cat fight

Our vet tells us it is not uncommon for ‘multi-cat owners’ to experience this kind of situation – but we did think bad luck only came in threes!
Regular followers of the moggies aches and pains will have noticed a new ailment on the list.
Yes, Oscar has been fighting again.
He didn’t come home at his usual time yesterday afternoon, and only dragged himself back in the middle of last night.
And I mean literally dragged.
He has bites all over his back paws and hind legs, and can’t walk properly because of a bite to the bottom of one paw.
So, this afternoon it was off to see our friends at the vet again.
Because Oscar had already eaten he couldn’t go into surgery, which was the preferred option.
Instead he has been given a couple of injections (he returned the favour by giving the vet two very impressive hisses) and confined to quarters.
Hopefully he will be walking better tomorrow; otherwise he will have to undergo the surgery to squeeze all the puss out of his wounds and give him a proper clean up.
Of course, one visit to the vet a day isn’t enough for these boys.

Archie at the vet

Before we discovered how bad Oscar was, Archie had to go back for his check-up on his eye.
And there was some good news here: the ulcer is definitely gone, the eye has returned to its normal size and he can see out of it again.
The poor old boy has to stay on his hypertension tablets for now – although he is super calm and chilled out at the moment, the vet just wants to be sure.
He will also have to have a check on his glucose levels to make sure he hasn’t got diabetes.
Paws crossed everyone!

Birthday news!

After depressing you with all that, we also wanted to say a big furry thank you to our friend Easy and his loyal staff, who sent Michelle a lovely birthday card yesterday.
And also high paws to Mollie and Alfie, and to De Tabbies de Trout Towne for the e-cards they sent.
Thanks so much 🙂

Birthday card from Easy


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  1. I am sorry you are having a run of bad luck with having to go to the vet. I so hope your kitties get better soon. We are sending lots of hugs and purrs.
    Sue B
    Charlie, Cashew, Garfield, Tubby

  2. Those are very unpleasant lists 😦 We hope that’s the end of it! And we hope you had a lovely birthday – we are terrible with remembering and with cards, sorry! Hope it was wonderful. xo

  3. Hope the little sweeties get better soon! Sending lots of hugs and kisses your way! xoxo ❤

  4. At least the news for Archie is sounding relatively good. Oh Oscar, you need to stay home more where the nice guys and peeps are. Henry, we salute your health and sense 😀

    Did you find time to celebrate your birthday Michelle? We do hope so xxx

  5. Hi Michele, Sorry we all missed your birthday. Hope it was super splendiferous! We certainly don’t understand about Oscar. We thought only intact males got into fights. Do you think a new non-neutered male has moved into the area? We certainly would be making him stay in (no matter how cranky he gets) until you can do some further investigation. We’ll be purring and praying for him. If he does need surgery, hope it goes well. Purrhaps maybe we better not ever stop our purring and praying for him. So happy for some good news about Archie and his eye! Yippee! Happy Belated Birthday, Michelle. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    Mollie and Alfie


  8. Good luck to all three Moggies and a belated Happy Birthday to Michelle,

  9. Yikes! i think y’all need to hang up your roaming boots and boxing gloves and park it inside!

  10. Oh my goodness….another cat fight? Poor thing – he simply won’t learn his lesson will he….I’m sure he’s just defending himself but there are some TOUGH cats in your neighborhood obviously! Hope those legs heal up alright….Wonderful news about Archie’s eye though. As for your birthday – I’m so sorry we didn’t send a card……I’m ashamed to say we’ve been up to our eyeballs and beyond with Cat Scouts stuff but that’s a poor excuse to miss a friend’s birthday. We DO love you – honest!! Glad you had a good day in spite of our thoughtlessness!! 😦

    Love, Pam and Sam

  11. Oh my goodness!!! You are not having very good luck are you!?!?! So sorry that your going through all this and best wishes for speedy recoveries!!!
    ((Husky hugz))
    “Love is being owned by a husky”

  12. da tabbies o trout towne

    when it rainz it pourz….archie…way awesum happee yur eye iz doin sew good N ya dinna looze site outta it….henry…de food serviss gal just knocked on de door sew much we thinked sum one wuz heer…we toll her ta try her head next time…itsz wood N less noize…oscar….we hate ta say thiz dood but we think ewe iz gonna hafta bee houz bound frum heer on out….yur gonna killz yur self or yur mum & dad’z wallet…..stayin in isn’t sew bad…..troo lee…..next time ya mite knot bee sew luckee N be abe bull ta gt a way frum what ever bee fightin with ya…wild animal ore dog or cat…hope de bites heel with out infectshunz…..:(

  13. Poor old Oscar. He is in the wars. I hope he is OK. I know how distressing all these trips to the vet are. My baby Neo seems to like going there too regularly for fights and thyroid and stomach issues. He must be having a holiday as we havent been for a few weeks, paws crossed. Paws crossed for your boys and I hope they give you a break from the vet too.

  14. Oh No …again….always the damn way!!! we can almost put money (although the vets gave it all) on the fact that if one animal here needs the vets it’s followed by another ..hope that Archie stays well and as for Oscar………..crikey dude!!! take care of yourself!! hugs Fozziemum xxxx

  15. You sure have some mean old cats living in your neck of the woods. Hope Oscar’s ok. Let’s hope the last vet visit for a while xxx

  16. OMGoodness. When it rains it pours for those moggies! Mom and I will send prayers and happy thoughts for a quick recovery for Oscar and good test results for Archie. xoxo

    Love and licks,

  17. So very very sorry about your run of bad health. We will send you all the positive purrs, Mom prayers, positive doggie karma that we can.
    Take care
    Marty and his family

  18. Oh no! Oscar, you gotta stop fighting, buddy! We hope you’re feeling better soon. And that’s good news about Archie’s eye.

  19. So me n Mum are reedin yer bloggie Miss Michelle n la-de-da…not reelly payin attenshun…OH ME KAT!!! Oscar went out n got into a fight?? Did we reed DAT right?? So we ree-reeded it again n shure enuff dat iz what ya wroted!!!
    Me finkz dere are sum nastee critterz lurkin in da nayburhood Miss Michelle n maybee da Moogiez need to stay indoorz….me iz furry wurried bout Oscar..he iz a grand kitteh n we wuud bee so sadz if sumfing bad happinz to him!!!
    He iz gonna get into sum truuble n well we not want to scare ya…
    Pleeze Oscar stay home!
    We iz happy dat Archie’z eye iz bettur n we hopes he can get off da pillz soon…pawz crossed here!
    Henry iz a lubber not a fighter which iz a guud fing! Ya haz da pawz full wif other 2 Moogiez…
    We sendz da *power of da Paw* to Oscar n Archie….
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxoxo

  20. thats great news about the eye Michelle,they sure have been in the wars,xx Rachel

  21. Wow you have been busy haven’t you. Sorry to hear that Oscar has been in the wars again!

  22. I cross my paws that all goes well :

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