June 2013 Fur friend of the month – Sammy

Yes the handsome ginger moggie from across the pond who teases us every tuesday is our fur friend of the month 🙂


I’m ever so flattered you want ME – little old ME – to be your furry friend of the month!!!! I’m going to always be your furry friend – hourly, daily, monthly and yearly too! Thanks for asking me…………I’ve tried to get my thoughts in order for you so here you go………….

How Did I Come To My Forever Home??

Well, my Mom and Dad-to-be visited the shelter close to their town one day in February, 2000 looking for a cat to adopt since their “before me” cat Eddy had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. The day they arrived and went into the cat room, there were about seven cats in big cages but way up top of the lines of cages was a TINY cage with a TINY ginger kitten in it – GUESS WHO???? I’d only been in the shelter two days and they told my Mom and Dad that I’d been captured under an abandoned house (why or how I got there who knows?!). I was playing with a little plastic ball with a bell in it – banging it all around my little cage trying to look as adorable as possible – I guess it worked! The shelter lady took me out of the cage and handed me to my Dad – I curled up on his neck and licked his chin – Aren’t I smart????? He fell right in love with me (Mom loved me the second she saw me!!). I screamed in my cardboard box all the way home – they thought I was scared but what I was really saying was “THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Why Am I Called Sammy?

Before my parents even came to the shelter that day, my Mom had told my Dad that HE could pick out a name for their next cat. He said he liked “Sammy” for a name so that was that! It worked out well because I think I look very much like a Sammy.

Yes Sammy Loves Bacon But What Else Tickles His Fancy??

I like a tiny taste of butter once in a while, my new Japanese fishie treats, nice grass from the yard, and I like a tiny piece of the salami my Dad likes – when I smell it I go crazy! Other things I like that aren’t food are ribbons, feathers, playing in rain puddles, my Mom’s lap, my afghan tent, and NAPPING.

What’s An Average Day Like?

My Mom gets up at 4:30AM to make coffee for Dad and feed me. After she does that we go to the basement and she cleans my litter box and puts on my harness and leash and we go outside (in the dark!) for a walk around my yard. I love that time BEST of all. Then we come in and I say hi to Dad and head with Mom up to her studio/office where we work on email and my blog – I usually fall asleep in my tent and before I know it, it’s afternoon! Mom and I (and sometimes Dad) will go out and sit on the porch in the sun in the afternoon and I’ll walk on the front sidewalk but never far from my parents and always in sight of them. I don’t have to wear my harness when they’re with me. In the afternoon Mom and I play a bit with my toys in the living room until I get tired then I have a nap on the couch until it’s dinner time – I NEVER beg for food from the table but I DO sit by my Mom just in case something might fall down my way….tee hee. I get very active in the evening – Mom plays with me or chases me around the house and up and down the stairs – then my parents watch some TV with me on my Mom’s lap and pretty soon it’s time for us to go to sleep. My parents go upstairs to their bedroom and I stay downstairs and have the WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE rest of the house to myself! YAY!

Best Advice to Give Cats in Their Homes or Waiting to be Homed

If you’re in your forever home already, be glad because so many animals don’t have homes or someone to love and care for them. For animals waiting for a home – be patient because someone will find you and pick you out from all the others – when humans come to see you in the shelter be on your BEST behavior and give them “THE LOOK” – it works every time!!!

Who is My Hero?

I actually have several….one is my Grandad who I never met but my Mom loved him dearly so I KNOW I would have too and he was very brave because he was sick for so long before he went to the People Bridge. I also have some cat heroes! Odin and Merlin from Cat Wisdom 101 (http://catwisdom101.com) are heroes for me – Merlin is quite old and blind but lives every day to the fullest which I think is very important and his brother Odin only has one eye but runs around and has the BEST time climbing trees and playing with his brothers – he’s never let anything stop him. I like that. I hope I can be with my parents for a very long time too…..and if I get very sick or have something bad happen to me I know my parents will take super good care of me like Miss Layla does with Odin and Merlin. There are many brave animals in the world – I admire them all!

Cuteness overload now of Sammy in pictures 🙂




Thank you guys and your Mum for making me your Furry Friend of the Month………………I’m honored and happy and grateful all rolled into one big ball of ginger kitty!

Kitty Hugs and Love,

Thank you Sammy for sharing and we look forward to your regular posts over on your blog 🙂  Pop over now folks x



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  1. Hi Sammy!!! Nice to meet you!

  2. Sammy is such a cat model and the best furriend a kitty can have! Thanks for this interview 🙂

  3. Such a cute Cat, but aren’t we all?


    The Cat

  4. Yay Sammy how cute were you as a wee little munchkin!!! love from your Ginger girl friend Dinnermintz xxxxx

  5. Gorgeous! Love the paw over face shot – I adore it when my cat does that. 🙂

  6. Sammy is super cute. I love learning more about him! Good job, Sammy. Thanks, Moggies. xo

    Love and licks,

  7. We love Sammy and wasn’t he just a cute adorable kitten? He still is super cute xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. Well Moggy buddies you most certainly have made my day with this honor being the “Fur Friend of the Month” ! My Mom says I’ll probably be even more impossible to live with now that I’m famous. Well all I know is I’m excited about it and I’m SOOOO happy that you guys are my friends; Mom loves your Mum tons too so I’d say it’s a GRAND arrangement !!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  9. Sammy is a lovely cat. I enjoyed learning more about him.

  10. Sammy, you are so cute. Thanks for the great story. And thanks Moggies for hosting.

  11. 4:30???!!!
    Good gracious lord, go back to bed Pam!!!
    Gotta love Sam and Pam.

  12. Howdy Sammy! You are one cool dude!

  13. Dear Samy, you remind me of my ginger and white cat Alyx, who has been over the Rainbow Bridge for fifteen years. Long life and health! Emily

  14. da tabbies o trout towne

    doods….we trooly enjoyed thiz interveews…we just meeted sammy knot a month ore mor ago, N him iz one rockin kitteh…we haz never tried bacon, but we will in hiz honor !!!

    meowloz sammy N meowloz archie henry N oscar…hope everee one haza mountin o mackerull monday !!

  15. That last picture is priceless!

  16. I would adopt Sammy’s mom – she goes up at 4:30am – that’s the best time for a morning walk. I agree for Merlin and Odin – they are really heroes – as famous as her names. Thanks for a wonderful interview.

  17. We just love Sammy. Thank you for featuring him, Moggies! I learnt a few new things!! love Austin xx

  18. We LOVE Sammy, he is such a great choice. Great interview and fur friend!

  19. You get breakfast at 430AM???? can we move in?

  20. APAWZ APAWZ fer a terrifick interview Sammy!!! You had a bi of a ruff start n landed on yer pawz wif Mum n Dad dere!!! Ya know we are simmylar in our energy levelz…me getz Mum up earlee (not as early as you but earlee) n den we go back to bed after me eatz ferst brekkie,,,
    me iz purrty quiet in da daytime but me comez alive after dark n dat iz when Mum n me play toyz n she brushez me n we play tag too!!! WE iz so lucky to have dese grrreat Hu’manz in our livez; me wishez all KATZ cuud have homez like we have 😉
    Lub ya Sweetie frum Nylablue n SherriEllen too…

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