On the attack

Archie is still not happy with the humans and even got his gnashers out on mum

Please note no harm came to the human during the making of this video 🙂

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  1. Oh, Archie… You deserve a big telling off for attacking your human like that…
    Just ’cause you want her to know who’s boss, doesn’t mean you have to bite…
    I shall call the cat police next time I see you doing that, and they will scold you very loudly…! Naughty Archie… 😦

  2. Yo!! Archie!!! Good job making sure Mum knows she was NOT ALLOWED OUT without our permission!! Make sure she knows, you must check your cheduawl it you are going to allow her to leave…just sayin’…paw pats and paw hugs, Savannah

  3. You show her Archie 🙂 lol xxxx you iz the boss ……….
    he doesn’t want you on the computer …………
    he wants you all to himself …xxx C

  4. Archie, you rule by the bitey!! mol

  5. Oh Archie, I know your peeved at Mommy for going away but biting her..MOL, I don’t think Mom’s gonna get much work done today 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Folks I have received an interesting comment (I have not published as they resorted to name calling and I do not want to have these type of comments on my posts). Do you believe I should have punished Archie for biting me? if you do what do you suggest. This was a one off incident as he has not done this, so my initial reaction was to be gentle with him. Your thoughts would be much appreciated xxx

    • Hell NO, Alfie is always biting me, it’s kinda of a play thing. Don’t you dare be upset over this. Name calling, what A/H’s ( sorry didn’t want to put the whole word..lol ) Listen, you get idiots everywhere and it’s upsetting when you read nasty things in comment’s but hay, delete it and forget it. We all love you..Now go and give Archie a good old spanking..LOL only joking 🙂 xxxxooooxxxx Love’z ya

      Mollie and Alfie

    • Naw, don´t punish Alfie! He might get you wrong (or right in this case) and really attacks you – honestly, I can´t see an “attack” in the video. I´ve been a quite biting & scratching kitty and it needed my huMum about 2 years to get me trust her and stop doing this. She did it with patience, love and classical conditioning: ignore undesired behaviour and reward requested behaviour. Sure she´s consequent in her actions, her place is her place e.g., I think that´s important too.

    • I agree!! Punishing Archie would either make him fearful or make him lash out more!!!! He was just nipping & that is what cats do!!!!
      I have had Nylablue chomp me (altho toothless) & I just keep stroking her….she stops because she wants attention….why anyone would resort to name calling is beyond me!!!!

  7. Archie can’t talk to tell you when he’s upset…..he did what animals do – expressed himself “otherwise” ! These things happen……how we choose to deal with them is OUR business. Sam has taken a swipe at me or bit me a few times but I know he’s not being vicious – he’s just expressing himself at the moment. If Archie was constantly biting and attacking it would be one thing….but a “one off”? He just was trying to make a point!

    Just my opinion……but I’ll ALWAYS resort to gentle scolding with Sam. Always.

    Hugs, Pam

  8. Archie is currently sitting on my lap snoring his head off now. If only he knew what a debate he has caused :-). Thank you for your feedback much appreciated that it is in a constructive way and not resorting in attacking me xx

  9. hehehe, looks a bit like I am and as you´ve asked “Why attacking?” well, as I can *cheeky grin* (naw, just as a reminder who´s the boss, actually)

  10. I don’t believe an animal should be allowed to think it is the boss..!
    I once inherited a cat. The previous owners had ‘left him behind’ when they moved house because of his bad behaviour. He took a couple of swipes at me over a few weeks and generally was a cantankerous old fellow. I let him know that I was the boss by scolding him when he swiped at me and exhibited bullying behaviour. Before long he stopped this behaviour and became a ‘pet’, and not the boss. He obviously loved me, and wanted my company more and more as time went by.
    Pets are like children; they are a joy to have and be around when they are well behaved, however they do need to learn what good behaviour looks like.
    This is not to say that Archie falls into this ‘bad behaviour’ category. As you have stated, Michelle; this was a surprise behaviour, and a ‘once off’. However, behaviour such as this (if it becomes a constant) can become an aggressive behavioural norm for the animal. Should that be allowed to happen, the joy and mutual love and respect would suffer. Fear could then find its way into the relationship, which would bring an end to the wonderful trust that had been created. And what are our pets if not a trusting soul with whom to bond and love.

    • Everyone has his own opinions, but I personally don’t think it has any use to punish a cat by scolding it as a cat isn’t able to link the punishment with what he did wrong. I believe — and have seen — that you get much better results to praise a cat instead when it’s doing something good, rather than punishing it when it does something bad. It doesn’t take the reason away from their bad behavior, big chance the behavior will continue. It’s better to find the reason in the behavior and work from there. some of those reasons are fear and stress — Michelle has been gone on holidays for a long time.
      I admit that what he did was wrong, but cats aren’t like children.

      but like I said, to each their own. If it works for you, it works. What Michelle wants to do and works for her cats, is up to her.

  11. Cheers Carolyn for your feedback i hope this is a one off 🙂

  12. oh you naughty moggie, love your mom’s accent btw:)

  13. Hehe, you show her who’s boss!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

    • Katie are my comments appearing on your blog as I am not seeing them :-(. I have also subscribed just now to receive notifications when you create a new post x

  14. Wow Archie – what an attack ;o) …and you were fast as an lightning ;o)

  15. punish an animal – never ……………..
    he’s obviously responding to you guys not being around for a while

  16. My Lixo goes off the rails occasionally. Sitting in the park on Saturday, stroking him and being playful on the park bench, great stuff. Then off home. As we walked between the bushes, he ambushed me; leapt high in front and clawed my thigh. He’s never done that before and he did it twice, no less. You just never quite know the agenda of a cat. Lovely video clip btw.


  17. Archie quite clearly new that, if you put fingers to keyboard your adoration, devotion and love would not be focused on him 😀 He was just making sure he got what he deserved.

  18. Oh my goodness ouchies!

  19. What did they want you to do, put Archie in the naughty corner BOL

  20. I thought that’s what cats do to make their displeasure at something known! Next time – let him stay on the chair 😉
    Only joking.
    I think if it was a regular behaviour pattern you might have to look at how to address it, but as it was just a one off and didn’t look that serious to me I wouldn’t worry.

  21. Nylablue here….Archie you iz one daucy n bossy KAT!!! Seems sum Hu’manz took offence to you smackin yer Mum! Me haz chomped da Mum n she storked me n told me fingz wuud be all right n me stopped. She’d gone away fer a bit too n me waz upset.
    Sometimes a little chomp is just how we express ourselvez!! 😉
    Lub ya Nylablue.

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